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Made from a durable and robust HQ-NV| Car Mat, the HQ-NV| Car Mat is easy to clean and adapts perfectly to the footwell of your car.

  • Made from polypropylene carpet fibres, the HQ-NV| Car Mat is additionally protected by a Duplex coating that makes the mat incredibly durable and suitable for daily use.  You can thus enjoy the product for a long time! 
  • We want you to feel safe and relaxed, which is why the HQ-NV| Car Mat is continuously subjected to quality checks regarding odour, rigidity, fire behaviour, wear, hot light and climate change.  The quality is just perfect!
  • The HQ-NV| Car Mat design efficiently traps dirt and moisture in the recessed areas, whilst the coloured circumferential edge lends the pur|Fashion Car Mat its perfect finish
  • Spun-dyed glazed yarn is used for the HQ-NV| Car Mat's edging and perfect finish!
  • The harmoniously shaped kick plate has been welded onto the mat using HQ-HFtechnology.  Not only does the pronounced and shapely pattern create a functional surface, but it reinforces your car mat in the most stressed area.
  • The RGB System(Rubber Granulate Back System) covers the entire back of the car mat.  Together with the EBS System, it ensures a secure hold on the vehicle floor.
  • Thanks to the Duplex Coating System, the HQ-NV| Car Mat'sEBS System(Ergonomic Body Shape) is characterised by high adaptability.  It ensures that the car mat remains fixed in position in the footwell of your car.
pur Fashion

Our ID| M-E-S-H-T InteriorDesign is characterised by versatile, lively designs involving high-quality materials, a spectrum from intense to harmonious colour contrasts, strong emotions, individual print logos, velvety soft to firmly structured surfaces, balanced, clear and non-slip haptics and an individual, stimulating touch featuring different materials

Our pur| Design

  • …is a varying play of intense, expressive colours and surfaces in elegant harmony with accentuated colour reflections
  • …comprises a wide range of designs from delicate and velvety to sturdy and structured fibres which give the HQ-NV| Car Mat its personal touch
  • …comes with a brilliant edging made from precious glazed yarns which create shiny, sparkling and colourful light effects
  • …is complemented by a shaped, sturdy kick plate.  It protects the car mat, whilst refining it either in a contrasting colour or in a matching shade.
  • …is a lifestyle product full of emotions, from happy life to wellness, from feel-good atmosphere to guardian angel.  Feel safely escorted!

Enjoy your choice – Enjoy one of our pur| Designs

pur Fashion

The fact that a car is no longer used as a mere means of transport has transformed its interior into a living environment encompassing elements of wellness, lifestyle atmosphere, entertainment and workspace.

Thanks to our ATPD| Advanced Tuneful Pattern Design concept of semi-custom fit mats, we are able to meet our customers' requirements when it comes to individually transformable living environments.

The market's ever more rapidly changing and versatile wishes and demands relating to lifestyle products can only be met by merging several model-specific fits into an ATPD| Advanced Tuneful Pattern Design.

“Nothing else but your unique personal taste makes the decisions!”

Our ATPD| Advanced Tuneful Pattern Design

  • …implements car interior trends that are oriented towards the ever more rapidly changing developments in the social sphere and the areas of fashion and technology
  • ...allows realising trendy, lively, colourful, classy, affectionate, dynamic, cheerful and warm-hearted designs without being a slave to any brand identity.  Nothing else but your unique personal taste makes the decisions!
  • …provides the ideal basis for implementing affordable, functional, individual, sustainably ecological high-quality products, which is due to the multiple sales possibilities it offers.
pur Fashion

The latest concepts for comfort, innovative technologies and high-grade haptics are the basis for the development and implementation of the ATPD| Advanced Tuneful Pattern Design

The development of the ATPD| Advanced Colourful Pattern Design is based on the materials to be used and their flexibility to adapt to the vehicle floor.

"The development is based on the materials to be used and their flexibility to adapt to the vehicle floor"

Our ATPD| Advanced Tuneful Pattern Design

  • •..goes hand in hand with the ever-changing design of footwells, which are subject to constant further development in the light of vehicle engineering, vehicle safety, vehicle efficiency and vehicle design.
  • ...covers different years and phases of construction, thus meeting the requirements of the ever-advancing developments in the automotive sector over a long period of time.
  • ...is based on a compromise with regard to the accuracy of fit compared to model-specific custom-fit car mats.  Within the range of multifunctional car mats, it is the smallest possible compromise when it comes to individual and functional use in the vehicle.
  • …offers all functional safety features of a car floor mat
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The S| RTC = Seven| RaceTrim-Cut merges technology, design and living environment into a functioning whole

The engineering of our S| RTC is based on the most complex, most elaborate and most innovative technology of all ATPD concepts.

  • The S| RTC comprises seven advanced technical basic shapes
  • There is no need to adapt the S| RTC to the respective vehicle floor

“Technology, design and living environment merged into a functioning whole”

pur Fashion pur Fashion
pur Fashion

More than 30 years of experience based on committed research, development and the continuous enhancement of versatile concepts such as the following cuts for all-weather and car floor mats:

  • T| TTC = Twin| TrimTec-Cut
  • F| TTC = Four| TrimTec-Cut
  • S| RTC = Seven| RaceTrim-Cut

The development of our T| TTC, F| TTC and S| RTC concepts is based on more than 5,000 different templates covering a 40-year construction phase

"More than 30 years of experience based on committed research, development and continuous enhancement"

The fact that we have sold more than 5,500,000 semi-custom fit mats fills us with pride, happiness and immense gratitude, which is why we are confident that we are on the right track.

pur Fashion
pur Fashion

The design as well as the materials and the technologies used involve specific requirements as regards functionality, individuality, ergonomics and sustainability.

Sustainability has become an indispensable part of our modern world

  • Our High-QC polypropylene raw material is sustainable because it is made from recycled thermoplastic
  • At the end of the product life cycle, High-QC is recycled again.  Return it to the existing recycling cycle!

"Sustainability has become an indispensable part of our modern world"

  • This results in the creation of a cycle that eliminates the need for producing new raw materials in order to manufacture a new product
  • By purchasing this car mat, you help stop the overexploitation of natural resources (which applies in particular to fossil fuels such as oil)
  • All ecological, economic and social aspects of intergenerational justice are thus complied with
pur Fashion
pur Fashion

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